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Asking her something to attract her..

Surya Spunk

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I'm an engineering student and I'm trying to attract or flirt a girl of my cls..we were having WhatsApp conversations..we had a bet on woking up 1st for 3days and I won in it.. Now I have a chance to ask her to do anything I want.. Please tell me the best thing to ask her to do so that I she'll be attracted towards me as though I'm a magnet.. If you reply me, I'll be grateful to you..

Will be waiting for your advice..

Thank you..

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Ask her, in person "hi, how's your day going?" If she reacts in a positive way and you have a back and forth then tell her about a good ice cream or coffee place you know of nearby and ask if she'd like to grab coffee sometime. If she says yes, suggest a day and time right then.

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