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He is ignoring my message?


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Sexting is normal part in our relationship, he never responded in such a weird way like he did now...he was always excited to receive those pics from me, and sent some of his own as well..

I did send a follow up message because i was tired of waiting around...we'll see what happens...things were alright before this, we didn't argue, he wasn't acting weird...we had a date last weekend and it went well...


Not to pry, but what did your follow up message say?

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Update: he finally replied he wasnt dead or injured...he went hiking and his phone died...BS or genuine excuse ?


Hard to say, but let it go this time; if it becomes a pattern, revisit and decide what to do then.


But if it were me, I'd give him benefit of the doubt and let it go.


I mean what else can you do, hassle him about it? lol


ETA: I still think he may have just needed some space, how long was it, 1-2 days?

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Did he tell you in advance that he was going hiking? If not, then I would say he is either really stupid about the outdoors or really stupid about women. Sounds like it was at least two days before a response so I would assume hiking meant camping. Anyone who goes camping would know the odds are high of no reception or no recharging. Also, anyone dating for 5 -6 months would know if they are possibly going to be out of range of contact for a few days, they will miss messages so they should at least extend the courtesy of letting the other person know to prevent concern.

Sounds like all else is going well, so hopefully he is just stupid about the outdoors.

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Sure, it could happen that he was out in the wilderness and his phone died. I assume he means he went camping for a couple days, and not just one, days-long hike.


But, OP, is this the type of arrangement you really want? I know you said you're fine with casual dating, so if that's the case, you need to let this episode go. This is indeed casual. You two are so casual you didn't even know he'd be gone for a few days. That's fine, but it does say a lot about his investment level. He doesn't think to let you know he'd be out of touch for a bit, so you're not exactly a priority.


You're sure you don't want more from this?

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