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Is she interested, or just think we're friends?


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Met a girl at a party a few days ago. We work for the same business, but I rarely see her (different positions, very rarely would I run into her).


We talked a lot at the party, and exchanged numbers. Long story short, we've been texting nonstop for the past 3 days. Literally hundreds of texts of us joking around and whatnot. We're both single and we both know it.


So today I mentioned we should go for a drink, and I asked her when she would have time to be available. She tells me she'll have to get back to me. Okay, cool. Then she tells me "well, my friend isn't responding, and i had plans with him, I guess we can get a drink tonight?". I've already made plans, and our texting now has....pretty much stopped. I felt a tiny bit like I was her...fallback guy? Her plan B? so I've lost a little interest.


Am I being crazy? Am I right to assume I'm just a backup, or am I just being friendzoned?


We're both in our early 30's, if that helps. Thanks for any input everyone.

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I think you're right. You've been friended. Everything was fine until she realized you were interested "in that way" and she bailed. See if she gets back to you about a future drink. She might have needed time to process this and decide if she wants to see you "in that way."

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