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I want answers .. should i ask for them?


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Long story short: I had a vibe with a girl at uni. I asked her out she said no. However I felt like she was still giving me eyes, and she did obvious to make me think she was still interested. For instance I saw her at a uni bar, i catch her staring. I waive hi and continue with my convos. She then comes over and ignores me and talks to my friend whom she doesn't know. Long story short I ask her again, she then starts rambling. At the time i thought she was struggling to reject me. However my friends felt she was uncomfortable. So she rebuffed me again stating she wasnt born in this country and she wasnt gonna be in uni much longer. Meanwhile we spoke a few times and she told me she was born in some western state. I move on, and do my thing. Now 3 months after this incident i remerge at the bar. I dont acknowledge her or speak. Another 2 months go by, i see her same thing. last and final time. I come back to the bar, She makes her way over and says hi. Im thinking we are cool we have a convo. She then goes crazy. She stated i hurt her feelings, i apologize. she then says i make her uncomfortable, and she feels obligated to speak to me and be nice. I tell her no she doesnt have to speak to me or be nice. She then goes oh no thats not what I mean. im like ok then what do you mean. A few seconds later she starts screaming causing a scene, banging her hands on the table. She is yelling what did i do to make you pursue im not interested. what did i do. she starts mixing different conversations into one. I just leave the bar, it almost got violent i could tell she was ready to hit me, and for what?. a few days later i get an apology via fb. however its been a month and im waiting for her to explain her thinking or rationale. or should just ask her myself?

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I would stay as far away from her as possible. A person who is this unstable has the potential of accusing you of rape, assault, etc. JMO.


Time to




I hadn't considered that. I just assumed she would do the right thing and explain herself and behave. But I'm assuming there is logic there. I blocked this mad woman right away

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I asked her out she said no.


I probably would have given up right then and there. Sure, some guys will tell you that they persisted and won over the woman of their dreams, but I think don't push it after a "no." Move onto another woman who is more interested.

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