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My boyfriend changed after a 3 day break


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My boyfriend and I went on a smalllll break. It only lasted 3 days. Before the break, we would hangout every single day. We would spend every minute together. Seriously, he would go to work, come home, tell me to come over right away or he would pick me up, we'd hang out all day, we'd have a sleepover, then he'd drop me off before he went back to work. Every single day. And it never got boring to me... because we'd be hanging out with either his friends or my friends. We'd go out. I'd just describe us as best friends hanging out every day. But then we got in a fight and broke up. I guess when we broke up he started doing things on his own... and I think he started to realize he likes it better without me there or something. I mean we ended up getting back together still, but as soon as we got back together and I came over to his house, he completely disregarded me. We went out to dinner and he was on his phone the whole time (texting and calling his friends) We got ice cream and instead of talking to me and eating it he was just texting his friends about plans tonight! Usually he brings me wherever he goes with his friends... but this time he was like "oh yeah I don't think u should come with me tonight. you wouldn't like it...you wouldn't like the people there" which is a complete excuse not to bring me! There's like this emotional distance between us. I got upset and was like "what? I've hung out with all of the people who are going to be there before?"" and he's like "no you just wouldn't like it" and I said "so we aren't having a sleepover? we always do" and he's like "I didn't know you wanted one" BUT WE HAVE ONE EVERY NIGHT ITS JUST ASSUMED!!! So he dropped me back off at home and now he is too "busy" to answer my texts. What is going on seriously. Why did he get back together with me if he is gonna act like he doesn't even want to hang out with me. I'm just hurt because before he was like my best friend. We would tell each other everything and go everywhere together. I KNOW he is lying and making excuses not to bring me. Honestly, I wouldn't care if he needs space. He just needs to say "I think we need space, we hang out too much" like a true friend would but instead he is just lying. I know him and I know when he is lying. My boyfriend and I broke up 3 days ago and I got back with somebody who is not the same person. He changed. I really am confident that I'm not overreacting. Also a small detail: the whole car ride when he was driving me home I kept saying "I know your making excuses, your being different, what is going on, etc" he seemed so annoyed with me. I just wanted to shout "WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BEST FRIEND" but I just feel like a clingy annoying girl. He went from calling me his best friend, not going anywhere without me, never lying and always telling me how he feels to not wanting to hangout, making excuses as to why, ignoring me and talking on his phone the whole time we hung out. Why is he doing this????????????????????


Just to make things clear: before he treated me like a princess with all his attention on me and wanted to hangout with me and be with me 24/7 NOW he's ignoring me and clearly has his attention on other things. I feel like a bother to him.... he's acting like a f*ckboy

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We broke up because I posted this picture on this app called vsco. The picture was of my butt (in jeans) but I wouldn't describe it as ty... it was an artsy picture. I'm really not a ty girl and did not post it to "show off" my butt rather just show off the jeans i was wearing. He took it as a ty picture though and we started arguing and fighting and arguing blah blah blah.... so we just ended up breaking up over it I guess. We don't break up like that often at all I mean we hangout every day. We have small fights but usually they are overcome quickly. Something I can say about your theory though... after we got back together he told me he started snapchatting girls and he also told me who. He said he stopped and I believed he did. He's never lied about stuff like that before.

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It would be better if we knew your ages. It's possible that you were smothering him, that you were with him every non-working hour of his, it was just too much. The honeymoon is over, so to speak. You might have to leave him alone for a few weeks and see if he decides to come back on his own.

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