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I have nobody after this break up

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My boyfriend and I would hangout everyday. His friends became my friends. I even stopped hanging out with my friends as much. It wasn't good, the dynamic. Now we are broken up and I only have 2 real friends that I trust. Listen. My boyfriend was a player. My friend group consists of 6 girls. 2 of my best friends are dating my boyfriend's best friends... so they're out of the picture. 1 of my friends used to try to flirt with my boyfriend... shes out. So all I have left are my last 2 friends. One of them I'm not so close to, and the other one is tired of hearing me state my problems. I have other friends who I wouldn't say are in my friend group, but they all think im stupid for being with someone like my boyfriend. I feel like nobody understands me. I, ME was the loyal one in the relationship. He was the narcissistic, unloyal, lying, player. I was loyal. I am a good person with a good heart. why am I being punished. Why do I feel like everyone looks down upon ME for being with him, when people should be looking down upon HIM for not appreciating me and treating me right. I really feel like I have nobody. Honestly, I think its part of the reason why it was always so hard for me to leave him. Nobody has respect for me. I know it. Back then, that bothered me WAY more but I got to a place where now it doesn't bother me as much, but I will PURPOSEFULLY not surround myself with these people who think im stupid, and have no self respect. because they treat me like I dont! So... what do I do.


Seriously. My boyfriend was the biggest player. He has graduated high school and STILL flirts with girls in the grade below me as soon as we break up hahahaha its just funny how literally YOUNGER GIRLS in MY OWN SCHOOL have so LITTLE respect for me that they flirt with my ex (btw, he started flirting with them 1 day after we broke up so obviously they didn't know he was my ex yet) I doubt they even ask "are you still dating your girlfriend???"

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You feel everyone looks down on you for being with him because healthy people do not wan to be with "narcissistic, unloyal, lying, players." Most folks who are not enablers will NOT want to hear you cry over a guy like him. Your friends, your real friends or any unbiased person with a good set of common sense WILL tell you to get the help you need to get through any codependency issues you have ~ and you do have them if you want to be with someone like him.


People DO look down upon him... why do you think they tell you that you're stupid for wanting to be with him?.. they know what a jerk narcissistic, unloyal, lying, player" that he is and that you need to get over him.


So... what do I do.
Can you get yourself to your family doctor and ask for a referral to a therapist? Are you in school and can avail yourself of the psychology department for a consult? You need help in getting your self-worth up to snuff, your confidence honed and aid in getting yourself out of victim mode. If you can't get to a therapist then read everything you can to self-help yourself out of your current state of mind. Join groups, start a hobby, do things you always wanted to do but haven't done, join a gym, take educational classes of interest that will introduce you to like minded people... you have to do the work on you if you want to be a happy, well adjusted single and when you're that, that is when you will see a huge difference in your life in general.


Good luck

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You're young. You'll learn. You don't want a ''player'' for a boyfriend. This is a good thing whats happened to you. Trust. It will build your character and help you select a better suitable boyfriend in the future. Who cares who he's dating. He cheated on you he'll cheat on them - simple. As for your 2 friends. At least you have 2 REAL friends. I would focus on building healing my friendship with my two friends instead of worrying about having more. Your circle of friends should be tight knit.

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