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My girlfriends is depressed and said she wants to be friends


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My girlfriend said she has never felt this way before and she is really happy

2 weeks later some serious family incident happend and she became depressed pushing me away and went through stages of sleeping all day, getting angry quickly and not able to make decisions.

Because she continued to push me away I gave her space still spoke and i seen her occassionaly.

Yet She maintained playing her sport and seeing her best friend still as well.

2 months went by and I asked her

What are we , are we still togeather.


She replied


I don't want to see it end in a bad way. This may sound selfish, I'm doing this for myself, I need to beat this depression and get my life back and the only way I can do it is by myself. It's a shame it has to end like this and who knows what will happen in the future.

Im too complicated and messes things up .

Ive also had some time to myself and my feeling have changed I'd like to be just friends. I'll always care about you and your family that will never change.


I've been with her 1 year 8 months I can't make any sense of it as I love her my heart aches and I know I can't cope being just friends.


What should I do give her space and message her in 2 weeks months time ? Or try and move on?

Can feeling really change from love to friends in 2 months period ? Or is it her depression causing her to be confused?


Ì don't know to think or do I'm very confused .

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Respect her wishes and leave her alone. If she wants to come back she will quickly and say she made a mistake. If a few weeks pass then she's done. Your only play is leave her alone. The more you badger her the further you'll drive her away.

You have to make it look like you're fine. Anything else will be perceived as needy and just reinforce her decision

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this happened to me but my ex didnt say anything about friends...she got really depressed because 2 close family members died within 2 months . she got really cold but i found out that she pretty much pushed everyone away. she didnt know how to control her emotions so she would get upset with me because i was around. she needed some time away from people and we broke up. i pretty much let her go and do whatever she needed. i did not have that much communication but she did come back after about 2 or 3 months. durning that time she did not go on dates, hook up etc. she seriously just did school work, work and hung out with her mom and maybe her best friend during the break up.

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