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Comment on All those "relationship coaching" advises


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I paid for Craig Kenneth's email counseling last year. I was really disappointed. My ex-girlfriend and I had an 18 year age gap. All he could do was ridicule our relationship. He said "Of course she dumped you; she doesn't want to date some old guy." That was literally not the reason she dumped me at all (her new boyfriend is an older man as well, so clearly that wasn't it). His counseling was very unprofessional...he said things like "Duh" and when I told him about our age gap was incredulous. He basically told me the relationship was hopeless and that I should get over it but didn't address any of the underlying issues I emailed him about. He was too hung up on the age gap and made no effort to understand the nature of our love.


One other thing: after you pay the $149 for an email, you find out that you are not allowed to email him more than 500 words. Like...that's barely anything. He wanted just the briefest summary and then tells you if you want to respond to his email you need to pay him another $149. It's ridiculous. I was very disappointed.

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I was suckered into ebooks. I bought 2. They make it seem that they are gonna come back after one meet up and one book said just sleep with your ex to get them back.


They all recomended 30 days no contact and said dont do anymore than this because they will move on.


They broke up with you already, not like 31 days is gonna be the day they decide there is no chance.


Fron what i have read around and anecdotal evidence suggets that getting an ex back takes time. It is not something you can rush. The books got me to rush it a d it backfired. Door is not completely closed though but im not hilding my breath.


The books just offer generic across the board stuff so they can hit a wider target audience. Every break is different and it is not something a book can fix.


I will say this, if you are stuggaling to find a message to send then they are okay for that but if you dont know what to say to your ex should you message them at all.

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I found a fellow called 'Dating Guy', and this guy is great in my opinion.


He really sums up how i feel about Brad Browning


This anonymous guy is not trying to take your money and gives very realistic advice. He has stopped posting videos now, but hopefully somebody on here will find him useful:





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