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Xavier Andrews

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So we have a new girl at work she told me she would be with friends this weekend, she's off, and she's down to get drinks tomorrow. But she also says she wants to be friends, because she wants to keep it professional. Of course I agree I told her what her and I do are between her and I no one else needs to know. She said she wants to be friends she thought she should throw it out there, and that she doesn't need to be jumping into anything, she needs to focus on her career. Aside from not messing with anyone at work how would you respond to this or how would you take what' she's saying. It sounds like she's slightly interested what do you think????

I feel like today she slightly flirts when no one is around but I could be wrong

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I have no problem being her friend, very beautiful girl, I simply told her I uber we exchange numbers she wanted to go out with her girls then told me she doesn't want to jump into anything. I thought nothing of it she's much higher than me at work I don't even talk to her except hey. She flirts more so now

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