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Should I move out OR not??

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Ok so I've always wanted to move out of my house from my parents BUUUT I unfortunately didn't get into any further away colleges, I only got into the nearest one - which is 40 mins bus journey away and it's possible to attended WITHOUT moving out, now I initially decided I would move out anyway BUT I don't qualify for the student dorms since they give priority to students who live further away, now I COULD go for private accommodation BUUUT none of my friends can afford to move out, meaning I'd literally be living ALL ON MY OWN, now maybe to some ppl that sounds like an amazing prospect but tbh I think I would feel pretty depressed all by myself for such long periods of time- my course will only be 3 days a week and only about 4 hours a day at most. Sooo I'd have tonnes of free time- I literally DONT have a social life- I see friends rarely and I know obviously I'll make friends but I can't exactly guarantee that I'll constantly be hanging out with them. BUUUUT I HATE LIVING WITH MY PARENTS- They constantly treat me like a baby, my mums always asking where Im going and nagging at me about the smallest things, she'll try to do my washing and cooking even if I say I wanna be independent and they touch my things without me saying so which rrly upsets me - my dad wore MY WATCH- maybe I'm overreacting but I rrly love that watch and it rrly upset me.

What do you think I should do?

I'm just really scared that if I move out I would just feel really isolated and depressed on my own BUT I'm also scared if I stay I'll just be constantly annoyed at my parents

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If you can afford to move out. Loneliness is something adults deal with. Figuring out how to handle life on your own is the work of growing up. And hey, maybe when you move out you'll have more love and respect for your folks and everything they've done for you instead on annoyance and resentment that you seem to think you are entitled too.

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