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Normal to Have a Partner and be Bi?

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My cousin introduced me to one of his friends, a guy. The guy is in a relationship with his long time best friend (another guy). But both of them are bisexual.


I wanted to ask him how does his relationship work. Like, he has a male partner but both of them find different women attractive? But I didn't ask him because I didn't want to seem disrespectful.


So what do you guys think. Is it normal to be bi and in a same sex relationship?


I am curious to know.

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I'm not sure why it's confusing? Being bi just means that gender isn't a factor in what you find attractive about a person. Maybe you are attracted to someone's smile or their sense of humour or their personality.


If a straight man is in a relationship with a woman, it's not like he magically stops finding other women attractive. It's just... he's in a relationship... he chooses one person.


If a bi person is in a relationship, it's not that he magically stops finding other people attractive... he just chooses one person.


I mean - unless they are in an open relationship or something - but then that has nothing to do with sexual orientation. That can be true of straight couples too.

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I like voluptuous redheads and I enjoy fit and trim Latinas. I'm plenty capable of settling with one of the two just as I'm sure a bi person can settle for a man or woman who suits them. To echo the others, I'm not sure where the difficult concept is.

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