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Trying to decide if we should have another child

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So.... I am not sure where to start. My husband and I have two 9 year old daughters from previous relationships. We have been together for roughly 7 years and have been in school for a good portion of that time. About a year or two into our relationship, he asked me to move in, take care of the kids and help him finish college first (this way I could quite my job and focus on school full time). He has since graduated and after a short relocation and the start of his career, it is now my turn to finish school. I will be starting the nursing program in a few weeks and the question on whether or not to have another child has been posed. It wouldn't be for another two years, but given our situation, we have started discussing it seriously. We're 30/32, with two 9 year olds and I am just now starting the process to my career. After a recent visit from my sister's younger children, he has decided that he does not want another child, but that if I want one, he will be by my side the entire way. I have been flip flopped on the issue. I don't want to say no, but I also don't want to say yes. Our kids will be around 12 or 13 by the time we have another baby and at that point, is it really worth it? Shouldn't I just wait for grand kids at that point?


Does anyone have experience with kids being 10+ years apart in age? I need insight from personal experiences..... did you regret having kids older in life or not taking that chance?

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