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Ex invited to spend time with her yesterday

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My ex who I broke up with about 5 months ago asked me if I wanted to hang out yesterday with her and her kids and we spent the whole day together playing in the pool and stuff at the house and cooking dinner. We have been good friends the last couple months and have a built a good foundation she even comes over to visit me every once in a while or I will go visit her and the kids. I even flirt with her more than I probably should somedays and most of the time she flirts back. I try to get close to her as often as I can and she never tells me to back off she tells me I'm amazing every so often and gives me hugs tighter than she did when we were actually together. I want to get back together and I have a gut feeling that she does too. I've tremendously worked on myself and the issues that caused the breakup and I can't see her letting the kids get close to me if she didn't want something more than friends. I know there's nobody else in the picture cuz she always talks to me and it's like we are always seeing or making time for each other. My biggest question is do I apologize for everything I did wrong and ask her on a date and start over or do I need to ask for reconcilliation I do love her and her kids and I know I was a fool to leave I just want to fix things and be together again please any advice on what to do is appreciated!!

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As I suggested last time. Can I suggest sitting her down and having the discussion with her about what she is feeling and where she thinks things are going.


Stop procrastinating. Just do it.


I think the procrastinating is probably coming out of fear, which I can totally understand. BUT I agree. Do it! You gotta know or it'll haunt you (and maybe her, if she has feelings!)

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