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Not sure what is going on


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Hey everyone. Looking for some advice on something that happened this week. My fiance (dating 3.5 years) just did something incredibly strange and out of character. She left for a work trip on Monday and everything was great. Talking, texting very loving and everything. All of a sudden on Tuesday night, I didn't hear a peep from her and it wasn't until I texted Wednesday afternoon that I heard back. So at this point it's been a complete 24 hours. I texted her Wednesday night that I was feeling really sick and she ignored the texts because she was out drinking with her co-workers. She confirmed she was out with them and didn't now what to say. This really hurt my feelings and I was pretty upset and let her now. Thursday she tells me that she has been creating distance to think about the relationship and that she isn't sure what she wants anymore. She has never done anything like that before. She said that we have fought a lot and she was thinking about everything and deciding what she wants. The distance thing is one of my biggest issues, bc I've brought it up before that when she travels I feel like I'm "out of sight, out of mind" which she always swore up and down wasn't true.


So after this I start to freak because this is coming out of no where. We text a bunch and she calls me later that day. She is really emotional and upset. So one thing to mention is that she has really bad anxiety and takes Lexapro daily. It is also that time of the month which I know isn't an excuse but she doesn't seem to handle her hormones well during this time either. I ask her when the last time she took her Lexapro and it had been 3 full days. I ask her if she thinks that could be contributing to this and she says yes. She takes it while we are face timing and says I love you and looks really emotional.


The next day she acts as if everything is ok. Tells me she loves me and buys presents for the my kids at a gift shop. It's like none of this has ever happened. When I ask her about it she says that she thought we were ok now and that after we talked she thinks it was the medicine.



She is going to be home in a few hours and I'm pretty sure she is going to act like nothing happened. I'm sitting here questioning if I'm an idiot for staying with her and honestly feel like I need to decide if I want to do this anymore. I feel like I can't trust her anymore and that she ruined the relationship in 3 days. Am I overreacting? Not sure what to do. Thank you

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It's not that we fight a lot and we haven't fought in over a month but that it is kind of a cycle. Big blow up fight, make up, things settle, tension, then big blow up. And I hate saying this it's always around this time of the month. She takes xanax to help level her out around this time. I hate bringing that up bc it feels like such a guy thing to say but it honestly is true. I can't tell you the last time we fought that wasn't around this time frame.


But in the text when we spoke she brought up the fact that I follow instagram models on instagram and that she feels that it isn't right. It's not ever anything major.

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