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Jelousy And obsession


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We've been together for about a year And we're both 17. I've known about This issue for a while now but I feel like I neee to get rid of it for good. It's my extreme jealousy. We are in the same class at school so it wasn't that much of an issue up until this point. But now, she went to the UK for 3 weeks to study English which is awasemome And it is gonna help her a lot, I Even uncouraged her do so. However, as she is not with me, she is spending a lot of time with other people, boys included. Now, I have read so many articles about This, so I know all the basic advice (get busy, spend more time with Friends, she does not belong to you etc.) And I am aware of that. Still, I get extremely jealous sad depressed and angry When she spends time in night clubs And pubs And so one, with another men. I know se would never cheat on me. But jist the thought that guys are checking her out And talking to her makes mě furious And sad. And I sm not used to it because she didnt use to do things like that, But never told her not to do so or block her from doing so.

I feel I am obsessed with her overall. I get crazy about anything involving her, I can't fall asleep When I know she is somewhere lese with other men. I have to hold myself from texting her all time. I really want to deal with And finally take controll of my f****** emotions.


Anything is helpful, thanks

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Jealousy is evoked when we feel fear and being out of control. Work on knowing that the only person you have control over is yourself and accepting that fact will help you with your fear and also help you to let go so that needing to be in control of her is no longer a necessity to your contentedness.


I know you don't want to hear this but you are only 17! Make other things in your life more of a priority and try your best to not make her your only reason for getting up in the morning. Immediately change the thoughts of her and what she MIGHT be doing when you're not there to control to something more focused on YOU and what YOU can do to keep your anxiety ridden thoughts at bay.

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Bro, same situation, but my relationship is long distance, I get depressed, stressed, can't eat, vomit when I do eat. But i love her so so so so so much and also she does too. Just hang on. Its only 3 weeks. you can do it, if your a gamer, play with your friends, it helps me a TON for me. If you wanna know more just read my post above this.


Called: Obsessed With My Girlfriend (NEED HELP!!)

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