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Worst Job you have ever had?

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Inventory counter for these big stores in the mall and other places.



I told someone I worked at a few Victoria secret stores for 1 month and they said it must of been awesome


and I said no it wasn't, I was in the back storage area with a few other people counting like 5 million pairs of thongs all day.

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Kentucky Fried Chicken for two weeks. My first job.

The manager told me to call in over the weekend for the next week's schedule. I didn't and I just didn't show up.

He calls me wanting to know where I was. `Oh, uhm. . I quit!' I was 15 1/2.

Blech. . .I could wipe the grease off the back of my neck.

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I had one role where I worked like 7am-7pm on a short day, and until midnight on a bad one. It was high stress because we were dealing with crazy amounts of money. But it was fulfilling.


The role after that had a terrible boss who would throw us under the bus if it made him look better. Everyday was walking on eggshells and waiting to have to defend yourself. That was the worst.

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During my 3 year foray in Orlando, FL, I worked for ServiceMaster (company that owns several brands like Terminex, carpet cleaning, etc), but I was located at a kiosk in a Home Depot trying to drag people over to my kiosk and set appts for carpet cleaning or pest control inspections. I was paired with a home depot employee who made his day annoying the sh*t out of me. The program lasted about 4 months and then folded. It sucked.

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I was a customer service rep for Xerox, handling the service calls for a specific copier in a specific area. When I wasn't talking to my customers I supported other areas. I worked for Xerox during a time they were not profitable and they didn't have the manpower to service the machines. My area in downtown Los Angeles consisted of mostly high end attorneys who relied heavily on their copiers. I spend the entire day trying to dance around the issue that their copier wouldn't be serviced for a week. Some of them threatened the throw them out the window. I couldn't blame them. I told my boss so.


I tried to remotely manage a team of young service men that would run amuck from an office 30 miles away. It was so stressful and I was yelled at and threatened all day and there was nothing I could do. I use to cry all the way home.


Outside of the customers yelling at me, I had the Xerox sales reps calling me roughing me up because they had promised these same customers same day service.

My hands were tied and there was nothing I could possibly do. I just had to take the abuse.


People would ask me for a time commitment and then confirm my name . . I sometimes would say my name was `Suzie' - It isn't

They would call back wanting a piece of Suzie and Suzie didn't exist


Yah. . I quit.

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There were 3 jobs in my life though where I did walk off the job and never return because I reached the end of my rope. 2 when I was pretty young, early 20's and the people were utterly ridiculous. The other I was 40 I think but I was close to becoming homicidal from the abuse there and I chose to walk away.

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I played (professional) for this team once where the coach used to body shame the athletes, he would call the girls fat (all under 20% body fat), he would curse, call us stupid, etc... He was extremely offensive and hysterical on a daily basis. Not a fun season for sure.

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Server at a country club. Kitchen staff didn't speak/read English, hence they continuously messed up my orders, and I was fired because I requested a day off to attend my grandmother's funeral.


Also, teaching at an alternative high school when 90% of the students were apart of gangs.

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I had a boss who would say one day "There's no reason why an employee who's competent should need more than their scheduled 8 hours to complete all their work". The next day he'd say "Wow, look at everyone running out the door right at 5:00! Don't let anything as trivial as your JOB keep you from doing something that's OBVIOUSLY more important!!"


Um, which is it, jerko??


He'd also say "Use your resources! If you need help, ask for it!" Then when I asked for help he'd say "Don't be trying to dump your work on someone else!!"


Again, which is it, jerko??


Shockingly, in my first two months there the company went through TWELVE office staff. And the staff consisted of only 4 people. I was the senior in the company after being there less than a month. Big surprise the amount of turnover there, no?


I walked off that job.


Another job I had was at a company owned by an alcoholic drug addict. He refused to pay payroll taxes. He often slept in the office because he was too drunk to drive home or his wife had kicked him out,which forced me to sit with the receptionist since I shared his office and I sure as heck wasn't going in there when he was sleeping it off. He had me clean his office one time and I accidentally knocked over the loaded shotgun he kept in there. I don't know much about guns so I was afraid to pick it back up, fearing I'd accidentally fire a shot. I ended up picking it up by the very end of the barrel. He once chased a worker out of the building waving that very same shotgun. That was another job I walked off of. I had to go to pick up my last paycheck and since I kept the books I knew the account was empty. So I went straight to the bank to cash the paycheck. The clerk took pity on me and cashed the check even though there were no funds in the account.


I also hated working the dish room in the dorm dining hall. Icky discarded food. Smelled awful.

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My first job in my teens, during a rush of customers, my boss told me she hated me. It was not a fun job when she was around, but a couple of my co-workers were nice and otherwise it wasn't bad. I needed the job, so I stayed several more months until I got a better job. She was so sweet to me then, told me if I ever wanted to come back she'd be glad to have me.

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I also hated working the dish room in the dorm dining hall. Icky discarded food. Smelled awful.


I had that job, too. That was my worst job, now that I remember it. Some students would go out of their way to make a huge mess of food on their trays, and stack them several high, before sending down the conveyor. It would cause chaos and a backup of trays.

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The only job I didn't give notice , one day I was driving on my way there and just kept driving and took myself to the beach. It was a recreation leader for Alzheimer's patients who lived in a hospital. All of them were waiting to get placements in full time care facilities , but there wasn't room, and most didn't leave once they arrived to the wing.


It wasn't even the job so much as how things were run. I was immediately thrown in to provide all recreation and activities all by myself. Staff was so thin that health care aids were doing many nursing duties, and I did many health care aid duties on top of trying to organize and manage all rec and exercise for the folks.


It was so depressing, I suppose that's why I just snapped that day and didn't go back.


Runner up was a few days going door to door for Greenpeace. Shudder.

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I worked for a foot doctor who smoked weed in my face at the end of the day, while going over the books and counting the money that came in. At one point he had to pay back Medicare for questionable billing. So I kind of felt like I was working for a criminal. One Monday morning I woke up and I just couldn't do it anymore. I called and said I am not coming back...ever.

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