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Please help me.

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I'm lying in bed right now, in floods of tears. I need to forget about this girl. I want her out of my mind. She doesn't even speak to me anymore. I need advise on how to get her out of my mind. How do you stop thinking about someone. How do you move on when you feel like you have lost the love of your life? I need to so badly. Any tips on how any of you guys managed it? How do you stop caring about someone? How do you stop caring about them and other people in their love life?

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1) go back to.old hobbies you done before her or find a new hobbies.

2) after a while that love turns to hate then indifference and it doesn't matter any more.

3) I exercised every time I felt sad or I was angry at the world. I also started studying, hit up concerts, built up my friend ships. Pretty much anything to keep occupied.

4) this may sound cold but you will just eventually just stop caring about her.

Hope this helps

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Get out of bed. Then, keep yourself super busy. Look into new activities to keep your mind occupied. Time is a healer.


It's not going to be easy..but what everybody has been telling you in this forum is true..yes you can grieve , yes you can cry, that's all ok. Just don't sit and dwell on it..try to keep moving. Don't worry about tomorrow , or tonight , just take it 1 min at a time..it's ok to process your feelings.

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A lot of people here gave you the advice you were after, but the fact's remain, you might always care about this girl. If you think it has become an obsession you should seek out some professional help though.


As time passes you guys will slowly drift further away. Sometimes it can take a lot of time for your brain to reach equilibrium. In the meantime don't check up on her in any way, including social media and through friends.

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