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Sudden break up... now breadcrumbs?


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My ex of two months recently broke up with me just about three weeks ago. I thought everything was great between us until we went camping over the 4th of July weekend. We camped for about 5 days. The first morning we were camping I was on his iPad looking up a cave we would be seeing in a couple hours and when I typed out "crystal" (it was crystal caves) this porn came up and was in his history. I found out he watches porn most nights I'm not with him. I didn't know what to think or what to do but I know I was angry/upset/hurt. I waited to tell him because I didn't know what to say and didn't want to ruin our long weekend I planned out. I waited until we got back, which was on July 4th. I didn't want to bring up the porn because i didn't want to wreck our day, as it was our first 4th. I told him July 5th that something was bothering me and I wanted to talk. He broke up with ME because I waited 5 days to tell him I didn't like HIM watching porn. I told him why I waited and that I didn't want to wreck our trip because a lot of other things went wrong each day and we worked together to get through it and I didn't want to add the pile of issues. After he broke up with me, i went on no contact for 5 days.. until he texted me, while I was in Vegas because I put some very nice photos on insta. He told me I looked great and to let him know when I got home the following day.

At this point I don't know why he texted me saying that. 5 days prior to the text he told me he didn't think we should talk.


I just don't get why he ended it. He seems like a cop out. I took it really hard because I didn't expect it. I thought we would talk and work through the issues as it wasn't a deal breaker. He simply said I didn't know him well enough to communicate that to him. After he broke up with me I begged him which only pushed him further away. I stopped begging after a couple days because I looked like an idiot.


When he came to pick up his things a couple days after he couldn't even make eye contact with me.


I've been on no contact with him, currently.


He has reached out to me a few times, don't know if its bread crumbs or guilt.


1. Texted me while I was in Vegas to tell me how great I looked.

2. One week later he replied to a snap, a public snap.

3. Then two days ago he texted me" hope all is well" is that? He told me he was leaving his sisters house who lives near me. He told me he thought about stopping by but didn't know if I'd want that. He told me he almost asked if he could come, but he didn't.


Every time he has reached out to me, I've been polite, but short.


I also unfollowed him on insta because since we've broken up he's literally added about 40 random girls and keeps doing it. I don't understand why he would do that?


Back on NC.


I don't think his reasoning for breaking up with me was grounds for breaking up. I didn't lie, cheat, or hurt him.

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the reason for the breakup does not warrant the huge overreaction on his part, probably due to shame and immaturity, who knows. your relationship experienced its 1st of many tests and it didnt stand the test. but youre doing the right thing by keeping things short, i would even go a bit farther and not respond at all to the pointless messages he sends.


you realized chasing him wasnt gonna get u anywhere and now that ur seemingly moving on, hes missing the attention....the iron law of push/pull is comming into effect and hes not coping well. keep doin ur thing and if hes serious about making it work, only then should u engage with him, if u still want to that is.

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Your relationship was in the very early days, where you're still finding out about each other and whether you two are a good fit. His actions tell you very clearly you aren't.


Keep up with the NC, hold your head high and carry on without him. You will be very glad you did, in the long run!

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