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Does it bother you when your ex likes your stuff?


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This may be a vague and dumb, but I really do not like it when my ex(dumper) likes my stuff on social media. I recently rsvp'd to a show I've been wanting to go to, and my ex "liked" that I was going on Facebook. I know it's dumb to look into, but to me, it signals that she's over me. If I wasn't over someone, I wouldn't like their stuff Willy nilly... I have her page on a setting so that I don't see updates from her but I don't feel like its right to just unfriend her as I know many of you will suggest.


Any thoughts? Does it bother you when this happens?

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I don't have social media but my friend has FaceBook and he posted a pic from a recent concert we attended.


Also, I never asked my friends & family to block her as I don't believe in that... people want to talk... let them talk ... whatever


Anyway, she 'liked' the PIC later that evening and commented to my friend to "tell that he looks Great !"


I don't know what's up with that remark if its a 'pity like' or that she's 'watching' or if it implies that she's over us.

All I know is that I have not contacted her at all in 5months

and she has reached out to this friend on FB 2 months ago to say she really really misses me and my mother (???)

she has emailed my mother a few times with I really miss you sappy stuff.


I call this "Reverse NC" because updates on her life are filtering through to me unsolicited... updates I would rather not know about

but honestly I am starting not to care as much. I just don't react to the breadcrumbs.

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