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Getting back with an ex but I'm really confused

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So after 3 months of not being together we met up and spoke everything over, it was the worst 3 months ever but towards the end I had started to let go of it all. I was living my life and having fun but then she came back, she came back and wanted to try things again, so we have been.


But here's my problem. When we first broke up i was disraught, heartbroken. I chased her and i chased her and she shrugged me off like I was nothing.

Now I have been seeing her and going on dates etc, she is so much more clingy, obsessive and is basically begging me to ask her to be my gf, I'm not complaining its just a shock, because during our relationship she didnt really appreciate me or anything and now its like she is really trying. But somethings telling me its just because she has seen me get attention from other girls and doesnt like it, and i feel as soon as i make it "official" again she will slip back to her old ways? And personally my problem is, I don't want the hassle of a relationship just now, not until i know we are really solid and in it for the long run, But i love her and dont want her being with anyone else? I just feel as if she is constantly pressuring me to ask her out, but I dont want to right now. And I've told her the reasons why multiple times. I dont feel comfortable introducing her to my family AGAIN after so long and so much happening until we are basically perfect. But she gets really moody at me for saying this? Is she too immature?



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Friend, take it slow. I think you should tell her all of these concerns. Sit and have a real, firm conversation about it. Make sure she doesn't play any games this time around because you don't want to get hurt again!


Other than that, there's nothing wrong with second chances. I really really wish you the best.


Mind telling what happened and how she ended up coming back into your life?

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