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Going To A Therapist For Time In My Life

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I have not been active here for a while. Anyway, I am biting the bullet and doing something my brother recommended over 10 years ago: GO SEE MY THERAPIST!

See, my brother at that time was on Prozac and suffered from depression which runs in the family. I don't think I suffered from clinical depression. I got more or no less depressed than the average person imo. There were issues with my mother that provoked him to recommend the therapist. He credits his therapist with working through a lot of stuff and getting him off of Prozac.

About a year ago, stress from my job responsibilities skyrocketed. I had just married and all of a sudden my job got ridiculously challenging at the same time. My husband was supportive but our first year together should not have been like that. I was working 12+ hours and working at home when I wasn't at work. I quickly had several panic attacks and my GP prescribed meds that I had not taken since 2011. Since my early 30s I have a history of self medicating with alcohol. Even with my meds, I'd turn to the booze. Not AS BAD but bad enough imo. I joined a gym in March and got trainer. Did not work like I had hoped but I'm still going at it. I find myself more emotional than I've ever been (perimenopausal?) My job issue has finally been resolved but I'm still ridden with anxiety (not as bad) and just a .

I don't recall being not in control of my mind/feelings, thus, I made the therapist appointment.

Although, my brother no longer sees this therapist and has not for many years, when I told him via phone I was ***'s sister - he gave a chuckle and asked: you're really ***'s sister?

He sounded delighted. And the call made me feel why had not I done this soooner?

I don't know what to expect. I am not loooking for him to give me advice. I realize that isn't a therapist's job.

What I'd like to know is how can I get the most out of therapy from anyone with experience. I know honesty is essential. Does anyone have any other words of wisdom besides that? My appt. is Wed.

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Provided you have a properly qualified and experienced therapist then s/he will ensure that you get the best out of the therapy experience.


These remarks come from a Dr. Richard Grossman:


"The three most important questions in choosing a therapist are:


1) Does the therapist have sufficient training and experience?


2) What kind of person is the therapist?




3) Do we make a good match?


The last two questions are surprisingly important to the ultimate outcome. Therapy is not simply a technique to be applied. It is a relationship deeply influenced by the personal qualities of both patient and therapist. As a result, if you are choosing a therapist, it is very important to learn "who" your potential therapist is as quickly as possible to see if you make a good match."



and he also remarks:


"My primary task is not to 'fix' you, but to 'find' you: the 'you' that existed before the pain of life, especially unfulfilled relationships with family, spouses/partners, and significant others forced you to put up barriers, to limit people’s access, or to choose people who could make little or no emotional contact. I am here to help you rediscover your unique, vulnerable self, to understand the compromises made to protect this self for the sake of emotional survival, and to encourage relationships where these compromises are no longer necessary".

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