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why did he block me


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I got drunk yesterday. Like really drunk with my friends. I voiced messaged my ex on WhatsApp about a post he tweeted on twitter of a cat video which is unusual of him to do, because his twitter is for educational purposes as he always said thus he will only or at least has been always tweeted about medical aspect. So I voiced messaged him how the video was so funny while I was still at the club. No crying or emotions nor begging or any sign that I wanted him back I was basically holding the voice message button while talking to him. We have been broken up for over two weeks, despite he insisted to be friends and i refused and went NC. Its funny that even if he wanted to be friends and he received a very innocent drunk voice message he blocked me every where. our mutuals friends said that until now he still has us as our profile picture on facebook! and that he deleted the cat video tweet (so basically he might have done it to attract my reaction)


Woke up and I found out that he blocked me from everywhere. WhatsApp twitter and Facebook.

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if thats the case, why does he still have our picture together as his profile picture, and he also deleted the video a tweeted which i commented about, surely if he genuingly tweeted for his own purposes he wont be deleting it


If he wanted to stay friends its obvious he doesn't want a relationship with you anymore. About the picture on FB maybe hes forgotten it there.

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Would you forget to remove your ex picture from your profile after you broke up with them?


is he active on FB all the time? who knows his reasons for keeping your picture, but his actions clearly show hes not wanting a relationship.

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He didn't post the cat video to get your attention. His FB picture not being changed isn't some sign that he wants you back. You drunk messaged your ex. If he wanted you back, he would have used that as a segue to contact you. That did not happen. He instead did the opposite and blocked you.


Maintain NC and move on. Also, you might want to have your friends hide your phone if you have a habit of getting "Like really drunk". Good luck.

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You're looking for any signs he wants to be with you. Whatever he's doing, blocking you is a very clear sign.


He could leave that picture up for no other reason than he doesn't want to answer questions.


And he may have deleted the post because he realized you're creeping on his things and he needs to watch what he posts.

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