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He's not ready for a relationship but does not want to let me go


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Hey guys, ive been posting some of my stories here for a while. Long story short, ive been seeing this mas for 7 mos. we had great chemistry and share the same values and interests. Couple of days ago, he told me hes not ready for a relationship. I went full NC, however, he texted me saying sorry and wanted to talk. We agreed to finally talk and meet in person the following day so that we can have closure. I told him there's no point of us seeing each other and we have to separate. He told me he still want to see me and does not want "us" to be over. At this point im really confused. I know im strong enough to just walk away but at the same time i dont want to waste the opportunity to be with him. Im really conflicted. I dont know if this happens all the time or its just me.

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He is already talking to other girls. How is this an opportunity for you?


Dumper wanting their cake and eating it too is quite common. Dumpee stays on the backburner as an option in case they find it's not so great out there.


He's not ready to be in a relationship and wants to explore - how does this arrangement benefit you? It doesn't. It keeps you stuck on him, in pain and analyzing every thing he says and does.

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I've been this guy recently. Didn't want to commit to having an exclusive relationship with my gf (who was my best friend for a decade before we dated), since I wasn't ready to settle down. At some point my ex-gf just had to leave in search of a man who can commit. I'm the one on this forum trying to win her back. It's been 2 months and no contact.


You do the math, you know what to do. Good luck

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