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When he takes days to respond to texts


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We met four months ago and instantly clicked. Dated for two months before he had to leave for a work assignment abroad. To be clear, we are not officially a couple, but for the first month we were texting and talking consistently. He'd send sweet messages, make plans, make me laugh, etc.


Then the texts started becoming less consistent, until it would take days before he responds, but when he does, he's all charming and sweet and stuff.


Of course that was a red flag, but as frustrating as it was, I still kept responding because at one point, i felt like he was the one, and i held on to that memory / feeling.


We were chatting on last Sunday, then he just 'read' my last message and I didn't get another message until a week later, starting a different topic. I was annoyed so I didn't respond right away, but when I did 12 hours later he was like, "oh, finally a response." To which I replied, "at least it didn't take a week". He replied with, "Oww. Good timing on your part? Kidding."


I know all his actions are telling me to cut ties with this dude, but I guess I just need people to tell me yeah, duh, move on! He'd be coming back in two months. And I wont be able to avoid him without isolating myself from our common circle of friends, and because we work in the same company. Golly I feel so stupid. and he kinda makes me feel like im over reacting.

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Hard to say. If hes busy on a work assignment that could explain the changes in how hes responding, but a week is pushing it. Seems like he may be losing interest but you guys aren't around each other, maybe hes not good with long distance, you said yourself you aren't in a committed relationship. I say back off and let things be until he gets back home, if he reaches out and goes back to normal after hes back youre good, if not...well you have your answer.

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"When he takes days to respond to texts " As you already know, yes, he's losing interest.


I know, business, bla bla bla. I used to use those excuses too. But when it take days to reply with the simplest message "sorry I'm busy", it's obvious he's losing interest.


It doesn't matter if he's all charming, he might be a nice guy and of course he doesn't hate you, he's just losing interest. Most likely due to the distance.


Always trust your instinct.

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