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Is seeing once a week enough?


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I am with my girlfriend for almost 3 months and ever since we haven't really seen eachother as much as I wanted it to be. First - our city is small but she lives merely outside the city and she has to either spend money on taxi to get to the town or to ask her parents to drive her. Second - she found some summer job which makes her work second shifts for 1 week then first shifts for another week and when she's doing second shifts we can't see eachother. So It's like we go out and then we don't see eachother for another 6/7 days and I don't really think that it's enough really after almost 3 months of dating but I can't complain to her because all I have to do is leave my flat and I'm there. ( I live in a town center).

During those 'non-seeing' days I always got this feeling that we're cooling down from one another and that everytime I have to work again to regain a connection between us. We have a great chemistry, passion and we can talk about everything and also I've noticed that at the end of our every date she can't get enough of me and doesn't stop huggin/kissing me and being goofy like women are when are pushed into their feminine.

We would probably see eachother more often later on but I feel like I need a third opinion here and wonder If once a week is enough because I personally think that we would need some more time together for bonding and everything else

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but I can't complain to her because all I have to do is leave my flat and I'm there


So you have a car? If so, why dont you go see her more often? If that's not what you meant, then please explain.


Also, how old are you two?


We're both 20 and we met at the University.

I'm supposed to have my driving test in a month or so and even If I pass I would still have to take my dad's car or smth. It would be much easier If I did have a car though, i know this but I'm hoping for it to change soon because I'm planning to get a job to work while being at the university. I'm sick of relying on my family for money and I'm plannnig to change it.

And my point is like I want to see her more often but It's harder for her than it is for me because she has to come in the town, I mean it's like a 15-20 minutes ride.

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Dude 15-20mins ain't nothin. If that's all the distance between y'all, make it happen. You are throwing out really bad excuses for y'all not seeing each other. Get a bicycle if you have to. You are within biking distance. She works seconds, meet her when she gets off, take her to breakfast before she goes in.

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3 months. You feel like you are coming down from the intensity during times apart.


Consider this: flirt by mail. like, with a stamp. get creative.


Also this: No relationship sustains that overwhelming intensity of a new relationship. In fact, many never have it at all. Relationships last when we are kind toward one another, when we see each other in a more forgiving manner than others would, when we respect each other, and when we share affection. Build the foundation more slowly and the bond has time to grow roots that last.

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