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I can't tell if I'm insane or if maybe I'm not entirely at fault. Somebody pleas


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Ok so a little background. I have a depressive disorder wit Manic features that I have struggled with my entire life. I manage it fairly well with behavior modification and no meds. Most people have no clue and it has never affected my 13 year career. Occasionally something will send me into a tailspin, I get down on myself and paranoia leads to unfair accusations. I also have a history of abusive cheating spouses so that coupled with my mental health struggles has created some pretty outrageous things to be said. I won't say anything negative against my husband or certain behaviors until it becomes necessary to explain as I really need total honest unbiased opinion. Sometimes we have these lengthy (all day) text wars and I feel like I point things out and it goes unheard or gets projected back at me. Is there anyone willing to read some screenshots of these conversations and tell me if I'm totally nutters or if maybe my faculties aren't exactly all in order. I would be very grateful for it . I want to work it out and he says he does too so I really need to know if I'm causing everything so I can change. Please be blunt and brutally honest. Please let me know and I'll post the screenshots

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