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Completely Confused.


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If anyone can offer me any advice, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm 27 and my building manager is 34. I moved in two year agos and he wasn't our manger, his mom was. His mom met me and (jokingly I assume) told me to date her son. He became our building manager and right off the bat we were flirting. He has a son, which I'm totally fine with, I think he's great. In November we got drunk together and had a great time, didn't sleep together but I slept over at his place. Then for the next two weeks he asked me to hang out and we would and it was great. I was even there when him and his son was putting up their Christmas tree. He then didn't talk to me at all for 3 weeks so I texted him asking what was up. He said I misinterpreted everything. I was confused but said okay no problem. I've been rejected before, no biggie, let's be adults and move on. I was a little confused because he said he liked me and we really hit it off. Since January he has found reasons to talk to me, found reasons to run into me and makes the craziest comments. For example, he asked me to go to a Rockies game, but they were out of town. He said "I'm buying a house, wanna move? I'll need a roommate." He will purposely put himself in situations so I run into him. Or will just come over and stay for an hour and have beers with me. Lastly, he had a death in his family, he called me at 12 drunk, came upstairs crying, and told me he loved me, twice. He said, 'Im sorry I'm such an a** to you, it's just because I love you.' I don't think he's in love with me. Since then he's come up once and we hung out and everything was fine. Now I haven't seen or talked to him in around two weeks. I'm not going to text him or try and run into him because this is stupid and we're adults. I just don't understand what he wants. He tries to get my attention without actually talking to me. All my friends thinks he likes me, I like him, a lot, but I'm not trying to set myself up to get heart broken by this guy.

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I think he likes you as a friend or; he likes you for more then that but is only wanting something casual. Either way, he's not worth you playing his game. Tell him outright that you're not into having male buddies of the platonic kind but if he ever wants to actually explore a romantic relationship with you, he knows where you live. Too much? Well just ignore the git and don't be so available to be his shoulder to cry on or have beers with him.

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