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Confusion.. not into me?


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I've been talking to this guy on bumble for a couple of days and I'm getting a bit frustrated with him. We were talking about restaurants in my area (he lives about 40mins away from me but went to school here so knows the area well) and I felt like it was a perfect opportunity for him to ask me out or at least ask for my number. I kept saying how I should go to the one restaurant he suggested and how I'm going to add that to my list of restaurants I need to go to, he responds by saying "I'd gladly go" with a tongue sticking out emoji. I responded, "haha let's go!" In which he replied by saying that he's been dying to go and that he misses this town and all of the places in it. So then I say, trying to put the ball in his court again, that if he were in town, he should let me know. He then responded by saying "I think I could make that trip" with a thinking emoji face ( at the end. I'm confused as why he won't just blatantly ask me out and it seems kinda shady.


What should I respond to this? I was thinking about maybe just giving him my number and telling him to text me or something. Advice?

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Don't exclude the possibility that he's just totally inept with women.


Many guys these days have no clue how to deal with women. They've got no role models, or good advice from other men in their lives.


You should take the initiative and ask him out - that will put you out of your misery once and for all.


It's sad because you're obviously a normal-minded woman, expecting the man to take the lead. But a lot of brainwashing has gone on and many men are afraid to do what is natural to them.


But I could be totally wrong and he's just not interested - but men don't keep up texting if they don't like the girl. So I'm confused too!

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