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Is it that serious?


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Am I overreacting because my boyfriend stares at other women when we are out in public extremely too long? He also, flirts with girls under there pictures or messages them? He's one step away from cheating but whenever I confront him he calls me crazy.

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i dont think you're overreacting at all. how long have you been with him for? i dont know why he's behaving like this - perhaps he's insecure?

however you have told him you are not happy with him doing it. he has told you you are crazy and he will continue to do it.

to me you have 3 options here...

1. you can just ignore what he is doing and hope he grows out of it.

2. you can tell him if he doesnt stop you want out of the relationship

3. you can start flirting yourself with other men and see how he likes it.

good luck in whatever you chose to do.

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Staring at other girls while you are out is very disrespectful in my book. Looking for a second can be normal but beyond that and guys begin to fantasize (I do).


He shouldn't be dismissive or condescending when you express your feelings or opinions, either.


If he knows it bothers you he should stop. Maybe have a conversation in which you tell him that it bothers you and even though it may be harmless you would appreciate if he would cut back....for you. Be firm. Don't let him call you crazy or make you feel insecure. You guys are on the same team.

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