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What should I do about this?

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Hi there all

I am not sure where to start. Since i can remember I have been living in a country where I was raised and educated. I have received my BSc degree here as wrll but i am living here on a residence permit (my dad came here for work( "it's not my country of citizenship". The thing is now that i have finished my education; I am not being able to find a job here andit is forcing me to move back to my homecountry. But I am devastated at that thought and am mot being able to accept it. The mind says that I should move back since I have no career options here. I cannot even get the higher education (Masters degree) here since my options are very limited. I don't know what to do? My heart doesn't agree.

Besides that if I go back i fear my mom and dad are planning to get me married (traditional family) And I have hopes and plans for the future and things I want to do in life. I don't want to commit to someone when I am not having my on stability, when things ae uet no t decided in my life. It's not like that they have someone in mind. But that's their plan and sadly my plan is different. Besides I don't want to marry just any guy! And if I do it has to be on my term and in this country where I was raised in. I am the eldest daughter in the house and I have no to talk about this stuff. I am a wreck right now and don't know what to do. Sorry if I posted it in the wrong category! I wasn't sure where to put this.

Any advice is appreciated!


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That's really tough.


You may find it helps to apply Occam's Razor. List the things you can't change (these will form your starting point) and the things you can change (this is your destination). Then slice away anything extraneous to the problem / solution.


You can't change your visa situation, but does it mean you have to remain in you home country? Can you not go on to another destination for work? Can you talk to your parents? You may find they're more receptive if you're completely open about your resistance to marriage AT THIS STAGE


Best of luck

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