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My BF'S Parents are too demanding


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My boyfriend who is a first child is from a Poor family, i also who is a first child is from a Poor family. We both have family responsibilities. But the issue is that everytime i talk to his parents they will always complain about their problems and demand that i do something for them. My bf does not live with his parents but most times when we go to visit them, they always look forward to getting something from him or me. I really don't have a well paid job, so i just try to make end means. I really get worried about this and the most frustrating part is that since i don't always respond to their needs because of my situation, they feel i'm a stingy person. His mum actually said it to me that i should be open-handed. i mean despite the little i try to do. I always even wonder, Am i even supposed to do these things. I'm not married to him yet i carry his family burden on my shoulders. My family on the other hand needs my help. I always wish i was wealthy enough to be able to do a lot of things. Sometimes i can't cope with all of these. i just feel like giving up on the relationship. I'm so stressed . Please advice.....

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