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I need some outside insight: Confused About Friendship, should I just leave him?

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Problem: I really like this guy in more than a friend way and it goes both ways, but the only difference is I dont want to date him and he wants to date me.

I'm not physically attracted to him AT ALL (and I've told him this), it's his personality but I feel both aspects are equally important in a relationship so I couldn't date him even if I wanted to.


We're friends at the moment and it's stable but thats because I decided to keep my distance. I stopped talking to him, we went from texting every second of the day to once every 2 weeks and I haven't seen him in months. The problem is as soon as I get back into his life (because he asks me to), like the more I talk to him or just do simple things with him like go to the cinema or the park or just try to be a NORMAL friend, it takes him just a month to start confessing feelings he's had. It gets me feeling bad inside because he tells me he likes me and he's such a great friend and legitimately makes me happy to just even be around but I feel bad that I'm breaking his heart. I can't tell if its me if I'm leading him on( I don't even flirt with him), if he's incapable of being friends with girls (cause he has had crushes on a few of his girl friends) or if he's just plain desperate (he's only ever been in one (not so serious) relationship). I've distanced myself once again but he recently texted me and asked if we could hang out soon, what should I do?

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