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Should I or shouldn't I


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I have a great fondness for a female friend. We meet up quite often and have a great time. I have known her for 32 years and already had a crush on her then. She was married at the time but now she has separated from her husband and lives alone.


We are good friends and I am concerned that if I make too quick a move it could be detrimental to our friendship.


Just this evening we went out together for a meal and had a fantastic time. It all felt very intimate.


But I am not sure what to do. I would like to get closer but I value our friendship.

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I think you should move ahead. But not too sudden with some delicacy. If she has just separated from her husband she needs her time to let things go . Be around her as a friend, show her through your actions that you care. See when the time is right and then make your move! (Invite her for dinner or something) Don't seem hasty she needs someone she can trust and if you do decide to get together. Be sure you maintain that trust!

Good Luck!

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Thanks Starshine


Yes I agree. Since my post we have met up several times, including my making dinner for her birthday at my place. It always feels good between us and I sense the trust is there. Now the question is how to make sure I can move out of the so called 'friend zone'...

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