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Mixed signals/is she interested still?


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So I've been single for about 6months now and have been dating different girls finding out what I actually like. For about the last month ive been seeing this one girl and we've been on a few dates, hooked up and gone a bit further. She was really interested in me and was worried i was seeing other girls etc, was accidentally giving off a no care vibe - which seemed to be attracting her? She was also worried when i followed a few girls on instagram and she told me she unfollowed me but felt bad and followed me again. Last week she went to the US and just before she left we had sex and she was worried i would stop speaking to her but i promised i would. Thats when the care started kicking in a bit more for me. We've been talking every day but i feel like shes losing interest? She always replys but shes also following multiple guys on instagram (which is me probably overthinking it). I told her as a joke shes on probation and and she said "okayy". I plan on not speaking to her till she initiates it

Is this bad or a good idea? I feel like ive gotten a bit clingy accidentally after she left

Open to ideas to make her think about me more etc even though she apparently still likes me

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If she is out of the country then be sure to make your contact about her trip and if she is having fun. Keep the communication going so she knows you are interested but don't be obsessive or clingy. Remember she is on a trip and may be pretty busy.


If you don't hear from her in a few days text her and ask how her trip is going. Keep it light and fun and when she returns you can move towards getting things more serious if that is what you want.



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It can be tough when people are traveling. They are busy and/or have odd schedules. They may still want to talk to you, but you have no idea why they are not saying as much. I don't have a great answer as I've also been in many similar situations. But, as lostandhurt mentioned, keep up contact, keep it simple and keep your expectations low. When she gets back make your move and try to see her. But as you say, don't come off as too needy. Good luck!

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