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I messed up things in my relationship. I do accept my mistakes and I did sincerely apologise to him. Our relationship didn't involve any sort of loyalty, cheating or betrayal issues. It was just my stubborn behaviour which had pushed him away. I did mistakes unknowingly, I never ever had any intentions to hurt him.

Now, the thing is he's least interested in talking to me, however, he never rejects my calls but even if he picks up my call he tries to finish talking ASAP.

What should I do now? Shall I stop calling him and give him his space but I miss him a lot, I miss talking to him. Will he ever miss me? Or call me in the future, just to have a casual talk with me? Will he?


Ps: it was a long distance relationship.

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Did you ever meet him in person? How long had this gone on?


No, we were childhood friends. We were together from 6th to 12grade. We were then stationed to different states and we haven't seen each other since then. We had fallen in love recently in late December, and continued till late April. Things were only relied upon phone calls and text messages. He's no more interested in meetings. Both of us used to cherish our childhood friendship but now everything is lost. I wanted this friendship to survive at any cost. I tried my best, but everything went in vain.

He says he'll talk to me but a little and not on regular basis.

It's been I suppose almost 7 years since we had seen each other physically.

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Wow, really? Why didn't you meet in person before this all went wrong?


It is a shame. Maybe he just felt you weren't compatible?


Naah! It's not shameful. I don't care about breaking up. I wanted this friendship to survive. Shall I still do the hard work to make things work out between us. Or, shall I just let him go?

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