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Thoughts on breakupbrad.com


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I'm still fascinated about it, regardless of me moving on I was going to use Corey Wayne's advice on how to build attraction and be more alpha as I think that's somewhere that I can improve on.


So it's still of interest to me this thread and the input

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The two I mentioned Wayne and kennith have been very helpful to my understanding of relationships. Most of the others I found were trying to sell petty psychological tricks.

And women do want an alpha but I don't think it's the meathead loud gym guy they want, rather it's a strong leader.

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I used to be confused why the women I really liked seemed to lose interest while those I couldn't care less about were all over me.

My conclusion is that I acted like a weak pleaser around those I liked thinking this would make them happy

I've found exactly the same thing over the years, looking back if I acted like that at the beginning the relationship lasted longer

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Snake oil, indeed.

And desperation has many faces........


From an outfit called magicofmakingup


"Frankly, I get a little freaked out about just how well it works…and worry that it may be used for less than honorable intentions. I mean I want to help GOOD people…I don't want to help JERKS get girls back that would be better off without them. I do NOT want to help "psycho chick" steal away a married man.


Like a knife, these techniques and principles can be used for great good or grave harm.


This is NOT FOR



-Ex Convicts

-People with severe mental problems

-Other Crazies, Cuckoos or Whack Jobs




Anyway, I have titled the "recipe" simply The Magic Of Making Up…See, it is my opinion that there are really no impossible situations. I have seen women not only wait on a man for months, but take back men that have spent years in prison…and... I have seen men take women back that have had MORE THAN ONE AFFAIR…


And everything else in between! How crazy is that?




You know what?


By now, I bet you really want to see some proof that this works? I would too if I were you.

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...but a lot of the concepts he was saying made a lot of sense.


That's because you are hurting and are looking for something to believe in. Most of these 'concepts' actually make NO sense, but we aren't in the mindset during a painful breakup to realize it. Believe me, been there. Even bought a $39 ebook on "how to get your ex back" that gave me so much strength and hope at the time. I recently went back and read it...and squirmed with embarrassment when I thought back to how I chose to believe all the silly advice it gave.


Corey Wayne is pretty consistent on his advice...state your position (you would rather stay together, please get in touch with me if you decide that's what you want as well.) And then never contact them again, unless you hear from them first and you are then in the position to decide if that is really what you want.


Don't fall for the 'get your ex back' scams. They are cruel and prey upon heartbreak.

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I paid for a consultation with Craig kennith hoping to get advice on getting her back and he basicly told me my ex had so many unresolved issues it would probably be several years before she could be in a relationship. So... I didn't want to hear that at the time but he was straight with me

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