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How's your second love?


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I'm afraid the saying "First loves never die" will always relate to me. I'm afraid I won't ever get over my first love. He was just so special and I miss the connection we had, I can't seem to find that connection in anyone else it drives me insane. I want to hear some people's stories of their love now only if it isn't your first love? Did you finally get over your first love even though you thought you couldn't? Tell me all about this second love and how it's much better

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While I will always remembr my first love, and will always love them all, it was my second love that was most memorable. No relationship since then has felt that way and while I ultimately ended it with her, it is the one I look back on most fondly.

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I truly believe there is the great love before the great love. The first love being you learn so much about yourself, and how to love. and be loved. The second you know what you want, and be with the one you want.


I loved my first love, and still care about him, but knew where we did not connect and why. And in time really moved on.


My second great love, I married and we have two boys, and he is the love of my life.


Time Difference between those two: 1 decade.


Remember, it only takes one for things to work out. Enjoy everything you learn, and the fun you have getting to find the one for you.

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