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always wrong

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just really feeling alone, because no matter what, some how im always wrong. am i really crazy or something, why dose my sister always take my bfs side, we been doing really good. since i got on my meds, im off them now because i feel like i can get along without them, and im doing fine, it's just that a lot of the moms recommended i get another mommy friend, which i did met a girl but, my bf isn't taking well to sharing me, he says i text her to much, and iv'e seen her to many times, iv'e only known her two weeks. yeah i admit we have been texting alot, but i think im just enjoying having a buddy to talk to, so i don't see nothing wrong with it, he still gets his time even been getting more sex but some how, he found somthing to fuss about, but once agin maybe im just crazy.

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he dose have a "tad bit" in him to be controlling, but it was never really a huge deal. but it's kinda pissing me off that im stuck in a group of ppl that can't see things my way, and is always aginst me.

but let me just say, in the pass two weeks iv'e physically seen her 4 times. one of which he was at work on nights, and i called and told him, he would beat me home , (which he likes for me to be home when he gets back), and i very seldom am not, but on the days im not home im pretty much trialing him coming home.

any way i told him get some rest, because i was gonna hang around my buddy for a bit, that night my sister took the kids one of the two sisters i trust to watch my kids, so we were up drinking and talking all night which i enjoyed alot,well shortly after i hung up the phone with my boyfriend i left to go pick up the kids. (we had been stopped drinking),

my sister was fine to watch them a little longer, so i left them with her, to come home and surprise him with waking up to a blow job, and even let him finished how he liked, and some alone time, we slept till my sister called me to get the kids. so i left, this isn't a short drive probly 35 mins one way.

so while out getting the kids he calls and says he is going to wal mart, which was 6 mins from where i was, at my sisters. so i met him at wal mart we shopped he got out a few mins before me but, i wasn't far behind him pulling up home, and he still complained about lost time that day because i wasn't home when he got here in the morning, and that we had to take separate cars to town.

why didn't he just leave with me when i left if he was going anyway, thats not my fault how am i supposed to know he was going to wal mart, i did announce i was going get the kids, which he said ok.

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i have been in this house for 2 1/2 years caring for our kids, with very little adult interaction then he gets. yeah he's at work but it's still his friend i mean if you plan on deeming him a godfather to your second born, id say thats a pretty close friends. he gets everything he wants no contest, and i get drama when i want to do things alone. when i would want adult interaction id have to pack the kids and drive 35 min one way to town, which everyone works now so thats out most of the time. or what about all the mornings he got off of work and went hunt or fish and left me with the kids, once agin no contest even though i wanted to say something because i love to hunt and fish too, but i understand one of us have to be left out sometimes or we both would be stuck having no fun and most of the time he's the one to get out, what about me hexs been friends with his friend 5 years now iv'e only known this girl two weeks

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