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Adrenal fatigue? 40 years sickness and in desperate need of help!

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Hi there all of you nice people on here!



I have a HUGE problem. I think I suffer from Adrenal fatigue but am not sure. I need your help with this so I thought I'd give a symptoms list and a background explanation.



I've been sick with this since birth, my mother said I was the same way in the womb; sleeping so much she several times thought I was deceaced. I am now 40 and still sick. Doctors have done all sorts of tests and they all came back normal, the only low tests was cortisol which were 138nml of 550nml (normal).







*EXTREME fatigue, I can sleep for months and then up to 22 hours a day.


*Hard time falling asleep and waking up every 3-5 hours like the body is in stress


*Noise sensitive


*Fainting spells, never really fainted but if I stand for more than 10 minutes, I start seeing black spots.








*Lose Nails on my toes


*Lose hair, my hair is really thin because of how much hair I lose


*Hormonal problems, my period goes on and off during the week.




*Concentration and memory problems


*Grave's disease but that's treated and stabil.


*Too much mucus in nose and throat


*Daily diarrheas and since 4 months it's been yellow



I've read about just any damned disease out there and none makes sense except Adrenal fatigue. A friend thought it was this and I read about it and BAM! It fit! So I started a natural cure for this (adrenal extracts, ashwagandha, licorice root, vitamin c and such) and 6 months into it all the symptoms were gone! Even the blueish colour by the inside of my eyes went away and I felt GREAT!


I woke up at 8 am and was full of energy, could think clearly, went to sleep and slept all night without waking up every three to five hours, I was energetic all day, had NO concentration or memory problems, had no excess mucus, no depression, no anxiety, overall I felt like a million bucks!

Unfortunally, my doc called and had the same suspicion: my adrenals. So she told me she wanted to do an ACTH test and that I had to quit the treatment in order for it not to mess with the testresults. I did that and after a week, all my symtoms were back and this time even worse than before! I was completely destroyed with anxiety, to the point where I committed myself cause I just couldn't stand it. (We're talking 24/7 panic that didn't decrease. Couldn't sleep, eat or live.)



The test came back normal and I started the adrenal treatment again but it has now been 2,5 years into it and no change.


I know I probably sound like the biggest hypochondriac ever but I was WELL! For three whole weeks I functioned like a completely normal person and so now I know what it's like being healthy! And I didn't even believe the treatment would do anything but it cured me of whatever the hell this is!


So please P L E A S E, if anyone recognizes this, can you explain it to me?



I think it's obvious Adrenal fatigue but the doctor means there is no such thing and noone else Believes me either. Except for my psychiatrist I got to for the anxiety and depression. He believes that it is the adrenal glands and says the Medical care today has such low knowledge of this if it's not Addisons that they'll never see this but if I know this to be it, then it is. But he doesn't know anything about this and an adrenal fatigue doctor doesn't exist as far as I've seen, in Sweden? (Oh yeah, I've looked, all I find are natural doctors who claim they know A.F but I can tell from talking to them, they don't. I in pure desperation gave one a chance but she gained money and it lead to no improvement. Felt kinda ripped off, actually.


The last four months I have had yellow, loose poop and so my friends reacted since I'm always having stromach problems. But I've had this for 20 years so I thought it was normal. However after having looked up a doc about it, he told me it's not normal and is taking tests on it. He's checked for parasites, some kind of enzymes and is having a gasto and endoscopy done.


Could this be gluten intolerans that have lead to adrenal fatigue? Cause in that case it's solvable, right??


P L E A S E help me, I So wanna be well and start working and LIVING! I'm now on disability since the age of thirty and I shouldn't be living like this at my age, so come on and help me, would you?

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You say that you have been diagnosed and have Grave's Disease. Most of your symptoms coincide with untreated or perhaps improperly treated Grave's disease, which causes hormonal chaos, sleep problems and other related issues to ongoing hormonal imbalances in your body. I would revisit this situation with your doctors. Frankly, it sounds pretty far away from being properly treated and stabilized like you say.


As for adrenal, if your tests came back negative and your self treatment hasn't worked in 2.5 years, it's because that isn't your problem. I understand that the self treatment worked for you briefly, but that could have easily been a fluke. Unfortunately, a few weeks of good and then zero results thereafter for 2.5 is indicative of other problems. That said, you should be mindful of your diet and perhaps find someone very good to work with you on that. Proper nutrition (not diet as such, but vitamin and mineral intake in correct balance for your body and situation) can actually make a tremendous difference in terms of your wellness and ability to conquer disease.

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Go to a different doctor.


Gluten intolerance/celiac/crohns can all cause similar symptoms. Your doctor telling you there's "no such thing" as adrenal fatigue means they probably aren't the right doctor to be seeking treatment from for this particular issue.


Anxiety and depression can also cause a number of these symptoms.


I maintain though... I'd be looking for another doctor and getting a second (or even third) opinion and some options for you to at least try.

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My chiropractor always worked on my adrenals as part of every adjustment in order to keep me humming along as I should be. Adrenals, in my non-medial verbiage, motivate the white blood cells to do their work to keep you strong. Perhaps a good chiropractor or a homeopath/naturopath could help you.


He pressed on the area just below where my ribcage ends, in the middle of my upper belly. You can do this yourself with two fingers of each hand, press firmly for about 30 seconds or get someone to do it for you. You could do this daily or every other day and see if it helps.

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And have they excluded addison's or cushing's?


I think so since they said the cortisol level was okay. "It fluctuates" was the answer to why it was so low but according to adrenal fatigue knowers, they say an ACTH test can never see how the cortisol is absorbed (?) throughout the day, just the levels itself so it's useless. That's what I've read anyway.

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Okay, yes! The specialist say ny TSH is good and theyre checking my thyroid every 6 months by bloodtest.


No doctor in my country knows what adrenal fatigue is and the natural doctors Ive tried were very expensive and made no difference.


Im still very sick and everyday not wantibg to die, is an unbeliavable fight.


They have excluded addisons and cushings already back in 2011.


Theyre now going to test me for gluten intolerance by endoscopy and gastroscopy so I'm waiting for the referral.


Wish me luck! If it's gluten it has burned out the adrenals and then I can get well within a year.

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Talked to my doc about constant diahrreea for the last 6 months. He didnt think it was gluten since there was no blood in my stool so Im back to square one again. It feels like Ill have to keep on living with this for the rest of my life. I see no way out, honestly.

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