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Hi guys,


Ive been im a relationahip with my gf for 2 years now, we spent a year together in the uk however she had to spend the other year in spain to finish her studies. She has now finished. She has the power to come and be close to me (we were in long distance for a year) but she decides to go to the UK with her friend instead, away from me to a different city about 100 miles from where i am, now over the last year ive spent £3000 on tickets to see her once or twice a month, (as a student with out parents its very dificult to get money) and im not sure if im doing the right thing telling her that shes selfish and i should be too, ive given her pretty much everything i had, we are 22 years old and i really do not know what to do,


Please write something perhaps it helps


Thank you

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Something similar happened to me in 2004 with a girl I dated. Everything was primed for her to move to my town and we could progress our lives together. Instead she sought and found a job an hour away. Now in some cases money is tight, you have to find a job wherever you can find one, if you love each other you make it work, etc. That was not the case though. She was a new accountant and could have easily found a job in my city. We broke up shortly after she moved.


Don't ignore obvious signs. She had a choice to move near you and didn't take it. Now you're going to see her all the time. You are way more invested in this relationship than she is. Of course she's being more selfish than you. She's taking you for granted. You are well justified in calling her out for this. I recommend that you confront her on this issue and tell her to either move near you or end the relationship. It has to come to this since you value your time and don't want it wasted with someone who's not serious about you. I know it seems extreme, but the alternative is that you dance around the issue and she will eventually leave you. Stick up for yourself.

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