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I met a guy a couple of weeks ago at a uni weekend event. We had spoken briefly on social media before it but never met face to face. We agreed to meet up with some other people and all go together. I didn't think much of it and was just happy I wasn't going to be alone. Then I saw him (sorry to be over dramatic) and the feeling had never happened to me before. I was taken a back by how attracted to him I was. I hope I wasn't too obvious but omg is all I can say.


Anyway we were in a group with some others that we mutually knew through social media too (all on an MA group page) they were staying in a different place from me so this guy messaged me and gave me his number to make things easier, fair enough.


We had a nice time as a group and all got along very well. I had been texting this guy a few times but only to arrange times for meeting etc. Then when we got back he text me randomly the next day to ask if we were in the same year during undergrad and hoped my first day back at work was ok. We text a couple of times after that and then he left to go on Holiday to Australia for a work thing. Other than commenting on some of my posts we hadn't been in contact for over a week until he messaged me yesterday to let me know and ask me if I knew about a creative writing comp that was coming up as he had been reading some of my stories online and thought they were really good and said I should enter. He then said he hoped I was having a nice time off work.


So basically I am being that pathetic person and asking what you all think about this (I know it isn't a lot to go by) I just think he is so out of my league and it'll probably be a friend thing. Though he did compliment what I was wearing a couple of times at the event. We are roughly the same age and in our 20's.

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Please never think anyone is out of your league. Confidence is the biggest attractor of all. People who are downers on themselves are the biggest drags. If you don't think you're so great, a guy who was initially attracted to you will start to believe how crappy you are if you convince him of this.


It sounds promising so far. Learn some self-love. I know we all magnify our own flaws to ourselves, and I've been guilty of this over the years, but actually I've never voiced them to guys. Just like when I was a teen and had a severe growth spurt and had stretch marks on my thighs. Not one of them ever said anything, and I highly doubt they even noticed. They were probably so happy to have a gf, and hey, they probably had minor flaws they hated too, but I never noticed because they never beat themselves up over it or voiced it to me.


If he finds you cute, tell yourself he has good taste and any man you allow in your life is damned lucky. Don't be some pathetic girl who thinks she's not deserving, and always remember you're the treasure. If a person doesn't end up treating you right, he's outta there, even if he's hot. Take care and let us know how it goes.

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Ah don't worry, I would never say I thought someone was out of my league to their face.


I am normally quite good at working out if someone has an interest in me and I thought that he did because of the randomly texting to ask random things but now I'm not so sure. He hasn't replied yet to my message and I know that isn't a big deal as he is on holiday but he asked me a question and then I asked him one. It has been a day and I just think if you were really interested in someone you would reply to their message after starting a conversation...

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When there is communication, that's a good thing! Is he initiating the texts? I feel like I've been in a similar situation with girls, we text, and I'm wondering (maybe we both are) where is this going? Is this a friendly text or a 'something more' text? Especially when communication is intermittent it can be more confusing.


I'd say find out! And to do that maybe push things a little further. Send him some random texts about your thoughts/observations or questions, or jokes and see what happens. But also try to see him! If you guys can work towards hanging out that would be great!


And yes, never think that someone's out of your league. Think about all you have to offer a potential boyfriend. How much would you care about him? Take it as far as you want it to go, if he's not interested, that's one thing, but if you just don't try because you feel out of his league, then you've lost before you began. I don't know the answer to this, but how can you convince yourself of your own worth? Think of all the things you're good at and what makes you a great person and go from there!

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