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Moving on but I miss her


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Basically I started talking to a girl in January, this went on for 3 months all day everyday, I didn't pursue anything really as she had just come out of a long term relationship and I've been single forever so was in no rush, and then one drunk night all my feelings came out and told her how much I liked her and it came across really clingy and she backed off for a couple of weeks and then started seeing someone else who she ended up getting In a relationship with leaving me feeling crap in the process but I stayed friends with her and then told her I was going on a date which she got annoyed with and we had an arguements over with her saying I'm trying to "rub it in" whilst she had a boyfriend. We made up but then few days later when I contact her she says it's better we don't speak anymore as she has a boyfriend now and doesn't want to be disrespectful which I understand. So we stopped speaking for 2 weeks and I had a missed call on what's app so I text her about it and she said it was by accident which is weird cos we've never spoke over whatsapp, but she said it was an accident and then said cya later and I haven't spoke to her since nearly 3 weeks ago, I know I'll get over the girl in fact a couple of my friends say I could do better looks wise than her anyway but it's not really about that. I just guess I really miss her company I've tried talking to lots of girls but I don't seem to connect with them the same as I did with her and it's annoying me because she's moved on and got a boyfriend whilst I still miss her company 4 weeks later. I know I'll get over her but man I miss talking to her right now (ps I'm not going to contact her cos I miss her I'd rather wait out till my feelings have gone and I'm over her than message her again)

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