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Contacting an Online Date


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Hi All


I have (hopefully) a very simple situation that i’d like to run by people to get their opinions.


In the week I went on a 2nd date with a Woman I met on a dating site (we are both mid 30s). The date went pretty well and she mentioned several times whilst we were out that she enjoyed it. I asked her to let me know that she got home ok, which she did and also again said she enjoyed the evening.


I sent her a message later that night saying that I’d enjoyed it to and asked if she would like to meet again.


That was 2 days ago and she hasn’t replied yet. I was wondering if people (especially women) thought if it would be appropriate to send a follow up message, say at the end of the weekend just asking if she had a nice weekend and not mention another date or should I wait a while longer to see if she replies?


BTW all our communication is still via the dating site as we haven’t swapped numbers or anything.

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No do not contact her again...you have messaged her already. Consider it a game of tennis....you have hit the ball over the net...you wait for it to be returned to you....you don't keep hitting balls over the net.


It's a good rule of thumb that actually works!

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