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My intuition was right yet again


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I was loading up my car at the laundry-Matt parking lot when I noticed a teenage boy who just gave me a bad gut-feeling. He didn't notice me, he was pretty far away, actually.I'm always aware of my surroundings and this boy just gave me a bad feeling. Nobody else was near us, in fact, my car was the only car in the vicinity. Just as I was getting ready to drive off, a young boy no older than 10 rode his bike past the parking lot and towards the peculiar boy. This was in an alley, BTW. He passed the weird teen, but the teen yelled at him to "come back". By now my radar was up. The young boy turned around and rode up to the peculiar boy and the peculiar boy was making small talk with the young boy. I could tell the young boy was intimidated, he wouldn't look at the teenagers face. Next thing, 2 other teenage boys rode up on bikes and they were apparently friends with the weird teen. Now we have a pack of 3 against 1. And yep, they tried pushing the 10 year old off his bike until old Jenny here chimed in The young boy then quickly fled and the other boys said to me "we only wanted to test ride his bike, damn." I got in my car and locked the doors. And the 2 boys on bikes then fled in the same direction that the 10 year old headed. I stayed far behind the boys, but the 10 year old wasn't anywhere in sight. I was just about to exit the "alley" and go about my own business when one of the boys signaled to the other boy to turn, and then they stood up to ride faster on their bikes. I turned where they did, and sure enough, there was the 10 year old riding his bike around 20 feet ahead of them. I pulled right up to the boy and told him the boys are behind him and I was going to follow him home. And so I did. The bad boys rode their bikes past my car and when they noticed it was me, they turned off on the next block.


Always listen to your intuition, people. Your body can pick up vibes about people.

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