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What in the world should I do?

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I don’t really know where exactly to start because there are so many things that I have to explain in order for you to really understand this situation. I’ve looked literally everywhere on the internet but couldn’t find a single case like mine, so I came here hoping that I could get some advice on what to do. In advance I want to apologize because this will be long, so I want to thank you in advance.


First of all, I’m a 17-year-old Sagittarius teenage girl (turning 18 in December) and I was in a “relationship” with this other Aries girl who is also 17 (5 months younger than me). We met on the 12th of February this year and went on our first date on the 18th of February. From that day, I knew she was THE one. Everything went perfectly together, our Zodiac signs, our personality types (I’m an INTJ and she’s an ENFP), etc. It felt like all pieces fit perfectly together. I could see from our conversations and how she acted around me that she felt the same. She also said that she really liked me and talked several times about us getting married in the future.


Things have gone really great since then, kinda like better and better for everyday (that’s how I felt at least). Even though the relationship was slow because it took me a while to truly open up to her (I would say around 1 and a half month), she didn’t have a problem with that. She thought it was cute We had great chemistry, and we also completed each other (if you know what I mean). What I didn’t have, she had, and opposite. And for the first time, I was truly in love.


So here’s the thing… We went on a date on the 26th of May (our last one), and she was the one coming over to my city, since we live two hours away from each other with car or buss. I was the one planning the date, so I planned a great picnic. It was our third date btw. The picnic felt like a fairy-tale. I felt like a princess who had found her prince, or in my case – a princess  For the first time we got way too touchy and we almost kissed too! I sat on her lap and we got very touchy for at least 30 minutes straight. She later said she was too nervous to kiss me since it was her first time being with a girl and she didn’t know what to do (she’s bisexual).


So after having this wonderful picnic we went to the cinema to watch the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. That went also great, until the movie ended. And this is where I really need some help… After the movie ended we didn’t want to go away from each other, so we decided that we instead wanted to spend the night together. But the only hinder here was my family. First some background information: my family is Croatian, so it’s considered a sin to be in a lesbian relationship there. We asked my parents if we could have a sleepover, but they clearly said NO. And since her bus had already gone, she had nowhere to go.


I thought of sleeping at a hotel with her and she also liked that idea, but my parents didn’t want me to sleep over with her. So again, that also didn’t happen. My parents got really mad at her, and they also called the police to get her away from me back to her mum (I know it sounds crazy, but that really happened)… And since her mother didn’t know about us, she also threatened her about her sexuality; since they are very religious.


Despite of all that chaos we continued having contact for another three days until the 29th when she wanted to take a break after my mum came storming at her door and threatened to call the police if she ever sees her with me again. She said that she wanted to wait till we were 18, but honestly, I don’t want to wait another 6 months… So yeah. And that’s pretty much it…


I have never been so confused in my life before. I literally don’t know what I should do. I have some ideas up my sleeve, but I wanted to hear with you guys. What do you think about this all? Should I go for it? Or just leave it as it is?


TDLR: We haven't talked since that day (29th of May), but my inituition tells me that we will get back together. We constantly watch each other Snapchat stories, and I have seen that she has started to post really depressing pictures and quotes lately. I don't know whether to trust it or not, but this far, my inituition has always been right. I just don't want to fill my ego with false hope. I wanna be 100% sure. Thanks in advance!

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Given your extremely challenging parental situations, I don't think your budding relationship has much chance of success.


Personally, I would wait until you are both independent before you attempt to pursue anything again. Trust me, six months may seem like a long time at your young age, but it's really a blink of an eye. You don't want to risk police involvement, do you?


I'm sorry for your situation. It must be very difficult to have parents who aren't accepting of your sexual orientation.

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