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Alright I've had it how do I do it


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I want to become a confident easy to talk to guy. I'm used to trying too hard at everything and just watching myself get in over my head. I basically have that issue where I see the end goal, but don't know the small steps to get there rather I tend to just jump in blind with social gatherings. I feel distant from a lot of people in general but suck it up with a smile on my face and try faking it until I make it, but I haven't been able to get passed this anxiety/depression wall I feel is JUST THERE. It's frustrating. What are some small steps to get me back in the social life and recover from this? I want to be able to walk up to a group of strangers and be able to befriend them. Become independent traveling the world and not worry about being alone. Just confident in MYSELF and realize this depression anxiety is done with no use of it being around. What can I do to get there?

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Colt191, Confidence comes from within. Right now you are trying to act confident but it's coming out wrong because you are not confident. People can feel the nervous tension you are putting out just like you are feeling it too. Why would you want to walk up to a group of strangers and befriend them? The grass looks greener on the other side but trust me it's not. Once you really get to know those strangers you will find that they don't have the best life and may not be as confident, happy and perfect as they seem from the outside.


If I were you, I would try to find out why you have this anxiety and depression. Therapy would be something to look into. Another option is to volunteer somewhere or join a class to try and do something you enjoy. My advice is not to directly look for people to befriend just try to let it happen organically.

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