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Hi, so I've posted many forums and I'm currently in my 33rd day of NC. Today, I worked a 7-3pm shift at work. Keep in mind that I work in a establishment where there is 2 locations but same establishment. I work at let's call it DG2 and my ex works at DG1. So, today I was working and I was sent to DG1 to pick up some supplies that we ran out of at DG2 and when I got into the car on my way down there I wasn't thinking anything negative like "oh I hope I don't see her" because I want to mature and I didn't mind seeing her what I did mind if a conversation occurred because that. Anyways, as I walked into the restaurant I turn into the door way and I saw her, the back of her head, I looked at her and looked away. I did pass her but I didn't think anything of it and from the rest of the time I was there I just focused on what I went there for.


Let the record show that when I laid my eyes on her ALL the memories came back to me and hit me. Then it stopped hitting me when I got back to DG2, I went on my break and started to watch this video I came across on FB talking about the laws of attraction and now I'm just chillin about to smoke a blunt with the boys. I feel better now.

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