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Debating if I should end this relationship or continue it

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Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year now as of June 24th . We've been through so much in just a year . We've been arguing a lot through these past few months and I'm trying to understand why . We moved in together at 10 months and I'm beginning to feel like we moved to fast . Social media is one of our major issues and I think it's jealously because he says I get too much attention . I can't hangout with my friends like I used to because he'll turn it into something big . We've both been through a lot in past relationships and I'm beginning to feel like it's interfering in what we have going on . I've caught him talking to other girls and I'm starting to feel like I don't trust him and it's reminding me of my past. I try not to let the past come in between us because I really want this to work out . We talk about getting married and having kids but my feelings are starting to change and it upsets me . I don't know what to do anymore . We're in love but there's so many things that need to be worked on . I don't want to throw away what we have but at the same time I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed and stressed .

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Is he a guy that you can really see a future with? Do you think he's going to be a good dad? Do you have similar parental ideas? Do you communicate well? Can you be honest with him?If he checks all these boxes and more of your own, then it is worth saving. If not, don't bother.


I do think that a relationship can overcome jealousy but it does need work (both together and individually) and honesty.

What does he say about his jealousy?Is he willing to put in the effort? If not, then you got your answer, leave. If he keeps saying "yeah, I will" and never does, then set a time for yourself that you will stop trying. Inform him that if you don't work on it, it means trouble for your relationship. I did this exactly to one of my exes. Some say it's good to give ultimatums, I talked to his doctor and she told me that he wouldn't handle an ultimatum very well, so I that's the reason I didn't give him one. Also I don't really like the idea of a threat that directly. Anyways.


You are right, remaining in a relationship that makes you stressed is meaningless, specially one that is so "young".

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Oh. So he's jealous of you because he's the one doing things he's not supposed to.

Never ever ever ask a liar for the truth.


Even if hes not cheating, the fact that you don't feel comfortable with him commenting and chatting is enough to be a problem. Since you confronted him and he doesn't seem to give satisfying answers, start packing. I am sure you have more things he does that are unacceptable. Please post.

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His explanation makes no sense whatsoever. You need to dump him. There is an application called Tin Eye. It will show every site his image appears. There may be even more dating sites he is on, or something of that nature. If you are curious about that possibility you can check it out, but all it would do is give you more evidence that he is on the prowl.


I think that you are in a state of denial. chi

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He is lying, plain and simple. You know it, and he knows it.


Sorry but this is not a good person. Don't worry about throwing it all away; he's already done so and evidently, it wasn't the great relationship you thought it was. Dump him and find a guy who doesn't think you're a complete fool.

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I would agree, you moved to fast, especially moving in. Hell, based on my past experiences, I wouldn't move in with someone until well past the two year mark or more. You're just now starting to get to know one another about a year in. People can be on their best behavior, put that happy facade on and wear it well into a year. You're having some serious doubts right now and I would suggest you really question whether or not the issues both have can be rectified. Talking with other girls is one thing, but flirting is another and that type of behavior can extend itself well past inappropriateness. It's one thing to be hung up on the past, but something to consider, its because of your past relationships that you have established boundaries and are more apt to pay attention to red flags so be wary.

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