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should i get back with my ex?


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Recently both me and my ex got drunk at a party and she told me she still loved me and we hooked up. We broke up because she was having family issues and needed time to sort herself out and we are still friends. I have discussed it with some other friends in the past and they have told me not to go there because we don't match but honestly I don't think we really had a chance to. I have been thinking about her a lot recently after the hook up and I think I still like her too. Should I ask her to try again?

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Your friends are probably correct. When you match, you just do. There are no chances for that. When you match, and you have problems, it's comforting to have someone in your corner. When you don't match, your SO just feels like another burden on your already long list of problems and so you give them the "it's not you, it's me, I have problems to resolve" line and remove them from your list of burdens. It's problems that bring out incompatibility, not smooth sailing.


As for hooking up with your ex, I would not read anything into that. When your break up wasn't bad, it's just easy to do that and comfortable and convenient. You know each other, you've been there before, etc. Doesn't mean you will get back together.


All above aside, it's actually on her to reach out to you IF she wants you back since she was the one who walked away stating personal problems. If she is not asking you to come back, it means she doesn't want you back. It may bite, but it is what it is. You seeking her out is you setting yourself up to be used.

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I think that sometimes we have to look at things ourselves, outside of what our friends might think.Because while our friends can be really helpful, thy do come from a biased point of view [of course! friends!]. I think the best thing to do in this situation is communicate. You gotta talk to that ex of yours and figure out why the hookup happened and if the feelings are still there.

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