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How to cope with the first night apart

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Hi everyone,

I'm in a happy ldr and have been for a year. We have our arguments and our bad patches but on the whole it is good - we had a really rough patch over a month ago for a while but now things are great again.


But... I know I should have learnt to deal with this by now but I always find it SO hard when my other half leaves me, the whole day and maybe the day after I could literally cry over any little thing.

Recently I have become more of an anxious person and my anxiety flies through the roof when we leave each other.


The first night when I get into bed alone is always so difficult too... does anyone have advice for coping for the first night and first couple of days?

I am in bed now and just got off FaceTime to my other half, he had to cut the conversation short to take a work call and I'm finding it hard to settle and am very restless.

I can't get my other half off my mind and I don't think he thinks about me as much which also upsets me.


I know this will only last a few days hopefully but please help if you have any tips

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